This Trixie Activity Fun Board* is one of the most popular activity boards on Amazon, so we wanted to try it out for our cats for a long time.


What components does the cat fumbling board*?

consist of?
It is basically a kind of puzzle and game activity board with five different modules on one board. Each module has a unique game design and stimulates each of the five senses a cat has.

The Trixie 5-in-1 spurs your cat on to solve little thinking games and figure out how to get the treats that are in each module.

The 5 modules consist of round bowls, pins pointing upwards, a narrow alley, small squares and a tunnel. Some of the modules are more complicated to see through, others are simpler. The bowls are reminiscent of a fishbowl from which the cat has to fish out the treat with her paws.

With the pens, the cat must first look from some distance, where Leckerli* is exactly. The cat can’t observe as well as humans do from close up. Once the cat has seen from a distance where the “delicious target” is located inside the pens, it will consider a strategy how to reach for the treat with the help of its paws between the pens.

The Mietz really enjoys the narrow alley because she can lie down on the ground and try to dig out the reward from there.

The small squares are located directly above the tunnel and can be filled with liquid food*, so that the cat can enjoy the liquid food.

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The tunnel is even suitable for slightly larger toys, such as a toy mouse*.

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Why does this play option now stimulate all 5 senses?

The cat is simply very versatile busy. So she can lie down to play, but also when sitting she can scoop for the delicacies. She uses her tongue, sniffs her nose to locate the place of the eatery. Of course, she also uses her eyes to see where the eater is and listens as the toy mouse moves through the tunnel.

The nice thing is that there is even an instruction book with it explaining how best to get the cat to become active and stay curious.


Game 1: The bowls, which are designed like small goldfish bowls, encourage your tenant to successfully get food even in a rounded environment.

Game 2: The pens challenge the cat to look from the distance where the eatery is and to devise an intelligent strategy to get really close to the eatery.

Game 3: The narrow alleyway demands the whole physical effort of your Mietz: She gets to it best when she lies down and uses her paws, toes and claws.

Game 4: Also her tongue must use the Mietz cleverly, if she licks the tasty liquid out of the squares.

game 5: The toy in the tunnel is invisible at the beginning and she has to listen how it slips out. There are no limits to creativity here, because many different toys can be pushed into the tunnel.

&nbsp. what does it consist of?

What does the activity board consist of? The board is made of rubber and white plastic. So it is easy to wash off – a clear advantage.

Each of the 5 modules requires a different combination of the 5 cat senses.

If you decide to buy, you have one year warranty on the cat board.


How does the Trixie 5-in-1 Cat Activity Board work?

Your cat may take a while to come up with a clever strategy at the beginning. It’s like a kind of puzzle where a little cat’s brain lard is a part of it. But soon your pussy will know how to use her paws and claws to conquer areas of the board that are hard to reach at first (like the tunnel).

In time, your cat will be able to find the fastest and best way and remember it to get its reward.


Here you can see a video of kittens conquering the Trixie 4590 Cat Activity Fun Board.

Advantages of the Trixie 4590 Cat Activity Fun Board:

  • cats boredom no longer occurs or becomes less
  • After how quickly your cat finds out the trick, your cat will be between 15 and 20 minutes busy with the board.
  • There are 5 different games and each game has a different difficulty level
  • This rental toy cannot be outwitted by your cat knocking it over! It’s already on the ground anyway
  • You can use the toy to give your cat something to eat during the feeding time
  • It’s super easy to wash off and you can also just wash it in the dishwasher
  • The board stimulates your cat mentally and is just a fun challenge for your cat
  • The eating speed of your cat will be reduced if you use it to feed your cat
  • If your cat likes it really well sometime, it will rather eat from the Trixie than from her food bowl
  • You can simply remove the bowls to clean the board even easier.
  • It is a stable toy and looks nice


Disadvantages of the Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board

  • The price of 14,99 Euro* is slightly more than the average price for a cat toy
  • For cats who are allergic to plastic, the game is not suitable because all components are made of plastic


Here are some tips on how we enjoyed playing with the Trixie Activity Center the most when testing:

  1. Variate the place for the board and also change the number of treats, so your pussy remains interested and curious
  2. You can also put dry food into the square containers and you will see how your cat tries to pull them out with his tongue.
  3. You can simply turn the bowls off from the ground if you want to get them.
  4. You best put the board on a mat so that it cannot be pushed away.


Summary of the Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board 30 x 40 cm tests

The Trixie 5-1 Cat Activity Board is a great toy for cats to challenge them mentally and to make an effort to get their hands on. This cat puzzle has a much higher entertainment factor than many other animal toys. Normal cat toys quickly get boring for cats because they quickly see through them – but not the Trixie Board! With the different modules and challenges, natural cat curiosity lasts much longer!

If your cat normally tends to eat its food, you can simply replace its food bowl with the board. It will then take your cat at least 15 minutes to eat all her dinner. This is an absolute win-win situation in terms of fun and enjoyment.

The Trixie Activity Board Station is simply the right thing for you and your cat if you want to let your cat do something to get their food, if you want to mentally challenge your cat and if you want to reduce the boredom of your flat cat. By the way, the board is also great for owners of two cats.