ScoopFree in brown colour

Today is about the ScoopFree Petsafe.

Currently there is the cheapest price for the ScoopFree on Amazon*.

ScoopFree in purple colour

We research the most important features of this toilet and take a look at its advantages and disadvantages compared to normal cat litter boxes. The Scoop Free is available in two models: Original and the Ultra model. The Ultra model* has more information at the bottom of this blog article.


Scoop Free Cat Toilet Product description

This Petsafe toilet is a fully automatic toilet cleaning machine, so you don’t have to shovel in the litter tray every day anymore. It is advertised that you can safely forget about the toilet after setting it up, as it requires much less maintenance than a conventional cat toilet.

The Scoopfree has even been named by Animal Planet as one of the best cat toilets on the market.



The Scoopfree provides an odourless home. The silicate cat litter should be changed about once a month. Simply replace the Scoopfree replacement bowl with silicate*. The silicate binds the moisture and thus also the smell.

Note: Premium litter crystals / silicates work differently than self-clumping cat litter; the traditional clay cat litter is used to lump the waste, but the dust-free crystal cat litter of ScoopFree works to absorb moisture and effectively drain the cat waste. As a result, the silicate litter reduces all odours.

The litter is also available without the replacement bowl*:

What kind of blue crystal litter is that?

This crystal litter is a silicate that is found in solid granular form and is transformed into a gel when exposed to moisture. The gel dissolves and solidifies when the cat urinates. The cat uses the crystals like any other litter to dig up its droppings at will.

How does Petsafe litter tray work?

Like most other self-cleaning litter trays on the market, the ScoopFree litter tray has an intelligent optical light sensor system that detects when your cat has used the device.

Once the cat has used ScoopFree, the sensor is activated and enables the cleaning process, starting with a 20 minute time delay. If at any time during the delay or cleaning process the cat re-enters the spreading system, ScoopFree will stop all operations and automatically reset itself until the cat leaves the box.


The shovel-less cleaning process is a worry-free and simple process. Once the cleaning cycle is activated, the rake moves to collect all contaminated solids or waste and pushes them into the covered waste bin.

All odours are immediately eliminated as soon as the contaminated waste comes into contact with the crystals and is automatically pushed into the waste container.


The device requires the Scoopfree bowl available from Amazon and it is recommended to change the bowl every few weeks*.


The design of the Scoopfree litter tray

The unit is made of solid and robust plastic and uses a stainless steel rake to rake away waste. This guarantees a very long durability (2 years warranty from the manufacturer!).


The unit has a simple, programmable interface to change the delay time of the cleaning cycle. As well as a counter that shows how often the cat has used the toilet during the day.


ScoopFree Functions:

  • Disposes of cat excrement fully automatically.
  • Disposable crystal waste bins that absorb urine and moisture and leave an odourless and clean result.
  • The Scoop Free does not require cleaning or maintenance.
  • The trash can is simply taken out once a month, closed and thrown into the trash can as it is.
  • The dimensions of the box are 70 x 50 x 18 cm.
  • Dimensions of the spreading area 36 x 36 cm.
  • The disposable litter bins are plastic sealed to prevent leakage.
  • The premium waste trays contain dust-free, blue crystal cat litter.
  • Programmable interface with pushbuttons.
  • The cleaning cycle is activated after a delay of 20 minutes after the cat has left the litter tray.
  • 90 days money back guarantee.
  • 2 years warranty that the technology works perfectly.


What is the difference between the Scoop Free Toilette Original and the ScoopFree Ultra?

The ScoopFree Ultra* has three additional functions

A protective hood that gives your cat the privacy he needs to “do business”.

The cleaning by the stainless steel screen can be programmed at will: 5, 10 or 20 minutes after your tenant has used the toilet.

Health counter to track how often your cat uses the litter tray. If you want to clean manually, you can use the manual cleaning button.


Our conclusion on the Petsafe cat litter tray Experiences:


The prerequisite for a self-cleaning cat toilet should of course be that it does not have to be cleaned. The toilet fulfils this requirement with flying colours.

But there is a big ABER!

Here come the…


The Petsafe replacement shells have to be bought regularly and over time this becomes very expensive.

The aim should be to save money.

Therefore we cannot recommend the purchase.

Instead, we clearly recommend another self-cleaning litter box, which I have reviewed in detail. Click here to read the review.