Nobody likes to clean the dirty litter box. Imagine what it would be like if you never had to clean the litter box again!

Have you ever figured out how much all the cat litter your cat consumes all its life costs?

Yes, modern technology makes it possible that you never have to clean the litter box again and you can save a lot of money for cat litter!

In this experience report I will tell you how this can work.

You’ll find out why the Litter Robot 3*, the open-air model is the best self-cleaning cat toilet on the market.

If you don’t have time to read the complete article right now: This is the best self-cleaning litter box of all litter trays tested by me.

By the way, the predecessor – Litter Robot 2 – has not been manufactured since 2017. The Litter Robot 3 is therefore the most up-to-date and functionally best model on the market:

What is a Litter Robot at all?

With the Litter Robot you can save a lot of cat litter and never have to clean the cat “A-A” again. This litter box works fully automatically and is very reliable. With the Litter Robot 3 you will save thousands of Euros in cat supplies. With normal cat litter much higher costs result from cat litter.

The Litter Robot 3* looks unique; like from a science fiction movie: Cat spaceship.

Your cat can’t travel the universe with it, but it’s great as a cat toilet. The self-cleaning works a thousand times better than with any competing products. The toilet tank is reliably minimized.

The reliability and odor minimization are exemplary compared to other cat litter trays. No additional consumables are needed, as it is usual with other self-cleaning cat toilets.  But we will discuss this in detail later in this report.

The manufacturer has actually managed to produce a toilet that never needs to be cleaned!

The design idea behind it is that the spherical shape supports the rotational movement. With the rotating movement, all dirty litter is completely removed from the unused cat litter. The robot works super precisely so that the spread of bacteria is reduced. Thus the toilet must be cleaned and/or maintained only minimally. Compared to a normal rentless toilet you save a lot of time. The cleaning process is fully automatic and works perfectly.

There are some other tent-closets which are supposed to be self-cleaning but do not work properly.


How does the robot toilet work?

The secret of the Litter Robot is its weight sensor. The sensor detects exactly whether it is a small or a large cat that is making its pile. When the pussy is finished with her business, the cat litter is automatically cleaned 3-7 minutes later. This was also the case with the Litter Robot 2 and Litter Robot 1 and makes the Litter Robot.

The removed cat litter is put directly into the litter bin inside the robot.

The purpose of this toilet innovation is to reduce waste in the form of cat litter to a minimum – saving the most money.

The litter is combed through a filter that separates the used litter from the unused litter. The used litter is thrown into a waste bin bottom inside the robot for easy disposal.
The Open-Air model is the first upgrade after the so called Litter Robot Bubble (with skylight) or after the very successful Litter-Robot 2.



This new model is the absolute winner if you compare it with its predecessors. The manufacturer “Automated Pet Care Products, Inc.” has really “done its job” here and has responded to all the suggestions of the predecessor users. Based on feedback from Litter Robot 1 and 2 customers, the 3 has been completely redesigned, enhanced and improved.


Litter Robot 3 Instruction manual

The only thing you have to do to get Robot 3 up and running: Place the upper part on the lower part, plug the plug into the socket and fill in the clumping litter. Besides the clumping clay litter, the Litter Robot 3 can also be used with litter beads and litter crystals. Here to the PDF file*.



How has the Litter Robot 3 been improved compared to its predecessors?

In addition to its sleek new design, the Cat Litter Robot features a new self-regulating cat sensor that can pick up cats weighing up to 3kg or more. This is great because it allows cat owners with large or very heavy cats to use the device.

Another new feature is the night light function, which automatically turns on during your cat’s night visits, helping older and sick cats who need to go to the litter box more often.

The new model has the following main features:

  • drawer full display LED light
  • automatic night light for aging cats,
  • 8-hour sleep mode and
  • adjustable waiting time settings when your cat comes back to the litter tray.



The Litter-Robot Open-Air is equipped with a spacious litter area and an upward directed entrance, which allows all cat sizes from small to large cats to do their business comfortably.

The MoonGlo Nightlight automatic LED is also powered by the unit’s self-regulating sensor, which also indicates when the unit’s waste bin is full and emits a beep.

To get a better understanding of how the design complements the self-cleaning capabilities, watch the video to see how it works.

Litter Robot 3 Video


Litter Robot 3 Features

    • spacious and easily accessible litter box for large and small cats
    • suitable for multiple cats
    • uses low-cost clumping litter – no expensive or proprietary litter types required
    • variable setting of the cleaning cycle from 3 – 7 minutes
    • an 8-hour Sleep Mode setting – Turns itself off when your cat is sleeping.

a 8-hour Sleep Mode setting – Turns itself off when your cat is sleeping.

    • has an easily accessible control panel, so that the controls cannot be manipulated by children.
    • equipped with a self-adjusting sensor, which can take up a cat weight of 3 kg or more.
    • a sensor that automatically stops the self-cleaning process when your cat wants to use the litter tray again during the cleaning cycle

a sensor that automatically stops the self-cleaning process when your cat wants to use the litter tray again during the cleaning cycle

a sensor that automatically stops the self-cleaning process when your cat wants to use the litter tray again during the cleaning cycle

a sensor that automatically stops the self-cleaning process when your cat wants to use the litter tray again during the cleaning cycle

a sensor that automatically stops the self-cleaning process when your cat wants to use the litter tray again during the cleaning cycle


  • night light for nocturnal visits to the litter tray.
  • Interface for controlling the waste robot


How does the cleaning process work?

Its new and distinctive design uses a patented rotating mechanism to screen the waste from the unpolluted litter. The waste is thrown into a container at the bottom of the unit that uses a biodegradable plastic bag*.

Saving tip: Normal plastic bags can also be used.

The device is equipped with a timer that triggers a 3-7 minute cleaning delay to ensure that your cat has left the litter tray.

If your cat walks back in during the cleaning process, the Cat Litter Robot’s sensor triggers and completes the cleaning process. The system then resets and after 7 minutes, when the cat has exited the Litter Robot, the cleaning process restarts.

Maintenance and care of the robot

The plastic bags must be changed regularly.

The waste chamber is cleaned simply by replacing the bag at the bottom of the machine every 5-7 days. The device uses normal and cheap cat litter, which makes it less expensive compared to other types of cat litter. In addition, the device does a super “job” in eliminating cat odors because it is equipped with an innovatively effective carbon filter system.


Advantages and disadvantages of the Litter Robot 3


  • Optimal for all types and sizes of cats
  • Very simple to set up and operate – Just unpack from the delivery package and plug into the socket.
  • usable with different cat litter brands
  • 7-minute cleaning cycles after the end of the cat business
  • Quieter compared to other automatic waste bin systems
  • Fights cat excrement odour with carbon filter system
  • Safety stop if your cat enters the litter tray while the device is in the cleaning cycle.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee and 18-month functional guarantee.


  • The device is large and requires a certain parking space in the house or apartment.
  • Not suitable for cats over 15 pounds.
  • The electronic control panel is not waterproof.

Recommendations for the Litter Robot Open Air:

Before running the Litter-Robot in automatic mode, make sure each cat in the household weighs no more than 15 pounds to reliably trigger the cat sensor.

Make sure the Litter-Robot stands on a flat and stable surface. Note that positioning the Litter-Robot on a thick carpet can affect the sensitivity of the sensor.

Do you have a longhaired cat?

With long cat hair it can happen that litter gets stuck in the hair. Therefore it is a good idea to place a high-quality mat directly in front of the Litter-Robot, which keeps back any litter. This prevents the litter from spreading around the apartment.


Helpful tips and tricks

Do not place any litter on the globe other than cat litter.
Avoid forcing your cat into the device, it will take a little time to get used to it.
Do not remove the housing of the device or the globe while the device is rotating.
Avoid turning on the unit when the globe has been removed and fingers or hair can get caught in the rotating devices.
Do not immerse or moisten the base or globe with water.


This exceptional cat litter box is for cat owners who are willing to make the investment to save a lot of time cleaning a normal litter box and free themselves from the unattractive task of “A-A” getting away. Never shovel in the litter box again!
Apart from the amazing convenience the robot offers, the device also saves money – especially in the long run, as much less cat litter is used. With many other special cat toilets you also have to buy special litter – this is not necessary here!

Don’t worry if the Litter Robot should break down: There is 18 months of service and the manufacturer repairs the device. However, the device is super stable and it hardly ever happens that something breaks.

The Litter Robot iii is in my opinion the best self-cleaning litter box on the market. Not only, but especially for those who aren’t at home all day, it’s just convenient when the litter box cleans itself.


Furnishings? Uncomplicated!

The Open-Air device only needs a socket to work. Normal cat litter can be used.

Try it out (you can test it for free for 90 days and return it at any time within the 90 days). You have to have tried that out! Imagine what it would be like if you never had to shovel in cat excrement again!


buy Litter Robot 3

The best way to buy it is at Amzon (click here*).