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How to take care of an older cat

It should come as no surprise that the needs of an older cat are very different from those of a young cat. But the question is, how do you know if your beloved cat is already at an advanced age? As a rule, cats between the ages of seven and ten are considered to be […]

I ran over a cat – what to do?

You had a cat run in front of your car and you were totally scared? You tried to avoid the poor animal or maybe you even tried to brake, but couldn’t do anything about it and now you ran over the cat. Unfortunately, most people just drive on after they’ve run over a cat. But […]

Catching and helping stray cats

One day you go for a walk in your neighborhood and suddenly you see a furry cat’s face protruding behind a bush. Or a cat/cat you’ve never seen before races across the yard and disappears under a parked car. You want to help, but what can you do with a stray cat? How to best […]

Cat missing – what to do?

1.) Step. Ask the neighbors if they are in the basement, in the shed, attic or on the roof: Ask the neighbours if they can look for your cat in the basement, in the shed, attic or on the roof and if they have seen your cat somewhere. 2) Please try to find your animal […]

Found Cat – What to do?

  Fund animal – what to do ? Caution: Who owns found animals? Carriage can be theft! CASE A: Pets (e.g. cats) Walked in? Again she was there, the dark cat with the emerald green eyes lay once again in the garden of Mr. Peter. May Mr. Peter keep the Fundkatze?   The little cat […]

The Cat Pyramid

And after us the kitten flood…. 80 million kittens in 10 years! Sounds crazy, but is statistical reality. If you assume that a cat and a male cat have kittens twice a year and three of these each survive, this makes over 400 kittens after only three years! In order not to get lost in […]

A second cat comes into the house

Many animals in Germany live under poor conditions and are lovingly cared for in the animal shelter. Please also donate for an animal home: To the donation call A second cat enters the house Why get a second cat? Although often claimed, it is not true: cats are not loners, contrary to popular belief. Domestication […]

Which cat breed is suitable for…

What cat breed with little urge to move is there? All cat breeds actually need exercise. However, there are certain breeds that are particularly athletic and those that are more calm and balanced. The rather calm cat breeds are: American, British, Exotic and European Shorthair, Burmese, Carthusian, Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat, Tonkinese, Turkish Angora, […]